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AshleyI started this business 21 years ago because I love animals (of course) and because I have a pretty good head for business. I went to dog grooming school at Goldenpaws in the Village and ordered my van at the same time so when I got certified I could start grooming right away. When the van came in I just drove around town letting the van do the advertising for me.

My favorite dogs to groom (and I am playing favorites here!) are poodles. I am sure I have told many of you I have a 17.5 year old poodle named Coleman. Poor guy let me groom him about 75 times in one year trying to learn the different poodle cuts. We also have a 70 lb border collie/lab mix named Tucker and a Basenji (my running partner) named Lakota and (believe it or not) 2 cats named Louise and Butch.

As old as I am, I was saved from spinsterhood by my husband, Mark. We had been dating for 2.5 years and got married in Maui! Our favorite activities include darts, going to the gym together, playing rock band (geeks!) and going out with friends. You will also see us at the dog park, playing ping pong and at coffee and cars (Mark loves to race his Corvette) and checking out the cool cars they bring out there!

My favorite activity outside work is working out. I am an avid runner that has done 23 marathons. I have been running for 34 years since I was 16 (you do the math!) I basically do all that running to keep me in shape for my true love (besides my husband!), adventure racing. An adventure race is basically an off-road triathlon where you stay with a team (of 2 to 4 people) and paddle instead of swim. They last anywhere from a few hours to 12 hours all the way up to multiday races, my career culminated with the Primal Quest. The Primal Quest that I finished was 542 miles long and took us 9 days and 4 hours! I also love taking pictures and listening to audiobooks (you will usually see me grooming with headphones on!)

From Ohio originally, I graduated from Ohio University and moved to Houston soon after. Since the weather is steady and the people are super friendly, I have grown roots here and don't ever plan on leaving. My family is still in Ohio and see them as often as I can! I talk to them so much though, so I don't feel out of touch at all.